Today We Begin

Today (December 1st) is the official project launch.
Here are some small acts of kindness that have been emailed to us:

  • This morning while I was walking the dogs, I picked up trash around my apartment complex. Every scrap picked up makes a difference.
  • We had exceptional service when we went out for lunch recently. We couldn’t find a manager to make sure that our waitress and hostess received credit for their hard work. Instead, I went on the company’s website and submitted my compliments. This way the corporate office would know what a great workforce they have. Every good word makes a difference.
  • There was a soldier outside of Walgreens taking donations for the troops in Iraq. I got cash back and made a donation. Everyone deserves to be remembered this Christmas season – especially those who can’t be with their loved ones.
  • I went grocery shopping on Black Friday, however the cashier didn’t charge me for everything in my cart. I tried to get her to correct the error twice, however she assured me that everything was fine. On my way to the car, I reviewed through the reciept and saw that the bill was off by almost $40. I went inside to customer service, asked them to correct the bill and paid the correct amount. The last thing I wanted to do is start my Christmas season by taking advantage of my local grocery store.

Tell us about the acts of kindness in your life! Share your stories.

Signing off for now… going to go make some acts (and smiles!) of our own.

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